This is how much weight you should be lifting while weight training




20 January 2020

This is probably a billion dollar question. Your gym is filled with posters of acclaimed body builders with beefy, perfectly toned bodies. There is a burning desire within you to be like them. You might even be putting in all your effort in your exercise. But there are various things you would like to get right to maximize the benefit accrued from your exercise regime. It’s natural then, to ponder upon what weight is right for you to lift for each exercise.


Your goal


The weight for each exercise should be appropriately chosen keeping in mind your ultimate goal. You need to decide whether you are looking to build on strength and stamina or just want to add bulk. The weight you lift will depend directly on that.


Each muscle has 2 types of muscle fibers, slow twitch (type 1) and fast twitch (type 2).  Slow twitch is for endurance activities. They don’t affect the overall size of the muscle but the stamina of the muscle. (Picture a marathon runner). Fast twitch muscle is for bursts of energy. They make the muscle grow in bulk but the stamina will not be affected. 

To target the slow twitch muscles you need to add number of repetitions while to target the fast twitch muscles you need to maximize the weight you are lifting per exercise.


Quality and not quantity


There’s an adrenaline rush you get when you lift weights. That most pertinent fact, though is that you cannot lift more than your strength in that muscle. If you try you end up using other muscles that you are not targeting. And worse still invite an unwanted injury.


The right technique


Never compromise on the technique. Look to move only the part that is being exercised. For instance, if you are doing the bicep curl, your back should be straight and stationary. Try to feel that particular muscle that you are focusing on during the exercise.


Too less


Again if your goal is to add on bulk then ideal rep range should be 6-10. You can consider adding a power set (ideally third set) with 1-5 reps. Make sure you don’t ask for support till the 2nd rep though.




Keep it changing. Don’t be dogmatic and stick to a particular routine forever. Something would’ve worked for a good period of time but if it isn’t any more you need to ask yourself a question as to what needs to change! There will be a time you will hit a plateau and will find it impossible to get over it.


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