15 Vegetables Highest in Protein

05 September 2017

  1. Edamame (Organic) Protein amount: 19 grams in one cup cooked serving     2. Tofu (Organic)   Protein amount: 9-16 grams in a three-ounce serving      3. Lentils  Protein amount: 10

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10 Best Nutrition Tips for better workout

24 April 2017

      1. Load up on carbohydrates before workout. 2. Get enough High biological value of proteins to maintain your muscles. 3. Go easy on healthy

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Impromptu Excercise Tips

22 September 2016

Long days in the office, long queues at the bus stop – the workweek is full of them. The trick is staying healthy and active, even when your schedule demands the opposite. Try these impromptu exercise tips from our BURN experts. They can ma

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5 of the Best Exercises for New Mums

21 September 2016

Is picking up your growing baby the only form of strength training you do? Try these body weight exercises for new mums to help you tone up troublesome areas, all in the comfort of your living room. BRIDGE Targets: legs, bottom, core, pelvic floo

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Your New Healthy Commute

11 July 2016

For Indian, the average daily commute totals 1 hour and 38 minutes. But, while we travel our lives away, what affect is heavy traffic, pollution, and packed-out trains having on our well being? According to a report, not only do commuters suf

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Exercise Your Way to Productivity

15 April 2016

We all know the impact that regular exercise can have on the body, but aside from the physical changes, there's another huge benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. If you're prone to the dreaded 3pm slump, find yourself easily distracted, or are

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